Whether it's a personal vehicle or a commercial fleet, telematics enables providers to offer game-changing usage-based insurance solutions. Use tracking data collected by our GPS devices to identify low and high risk drivers, making it easier to provide "pay how you drive" packages


Offer suitable solutions by knowing your customer better. Provide customer with safety and security. Create value-adds.


Reach out to your client in a stressful situation and provide guidance to simplify claims process and give better customer service.


Create customizable insurance solutions using key telematics data: mileage, driver behavior and night vs day driving


Greater fraud detection. Correct evidence for investigation, no need to rely on subjective interpretation of what had happened with reliable evidence to support investigations, there's no need to depend on subjective accounts to determine what really happened.


Live driver scoring makes customers more risk conscious by providing them with real-time feedback. Attract clients with a better driving behavior, who are willing to exchange their data for a more lucrative pricing.


See all vehicles at a glance across continents.


  • Unprecedented savings:
    • Discount on the insurance premium for installing a tracker
    • Reduced insurance premium next year based on driver behavior
  • Car safety (live tracking, remote engine shutdown, Amber Shield - automatic engine shutdown under threat)
  • Keeping track of car expenses
  • Trip classification (business & personal) for reports
  • Temporary share location options
  • Receive insurance, driver license and car documents’ expiration reminders

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